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Hammer Strength Lat Pull Alternative Exercises That Work

Hammer Strength Lat Pull is one of the great exercises for building the lats. It helps in working the upper back, biceps, traps, forearms rear shoulders and serratus muscles.

This exercise helps in adding size and also the thickness to your back. 

This popular lat pull training is primarily about training the big back muscle. But also fibers of the hood muscle, the deltoids and the biceps are trained. Continue reading

sumo squats

What Muscles Do Sumo Squats Work (I’ll Tell You)

Sumo squats — one of the variations of squats which includes a wide adjustment of legs and socks, unfolded outwards. This position allows you to put maximum strain on your inner thighs and buttocks.

Sumo squats are very similar to other squats. Many people even consider it the same exercise.

We can assume that if the sumo legs are arranged as far as possible and with the plumage the setting of the legs is less wide. In any case, this is a good way to work out such a problematic inner surface of the thigh and to tighten the buttocks. Continue reading