How To Lose Weight By Lowering Cortisol

Does lowering Cortisol hormone help you lose weight?

We'll see in this article. Though small, hormones may have a potent effect on your physique. In the proper quantities, growth hormone can help to improve muscle density and reduce body fat.

After all, it's a steroid hormone. People today need additional hormones for a number of reasons. It's a hormone that is necessary for life as a portion of our normal stress response.

Since you can see, cortisol isn't necessarily a poor thing. Cortisol is a steroid and among the main stress hormones. Cortisol is generated by the adrenal cortex and is often called a stress hormone because the degree of cortisol within your body rises sharply whenever you're under stress.

Cortisol is just the same. Cortisol is trustworthy for that. Cortisol has many crucial functions. Insufficient cortisol impacts the function of several systems within the body.

Cortisol is among the most significant hormones in the body. Cortisol helps reduce inflammation and decreases the immune response within the body.

Cortisol is the chief corticosteroid. Cortisol is the main glucocorticoid. Ultimately, cortisol aids the body resist stress and decreases the inflammatory response together with overall immune response within the body. Cortisol and DHEA-S levels in this stage are extremely low.

cortisol formula


There are various porcine adrenal gland goods on the marketplace and each may offer distinctive benefits and effects, and I haven't seen any research regarding their influence on cortisol levels.

The usage of low dose aspirin was suggested to lessen elevated cortisol.

There isn't any safe use of cortisol if someone isn't deficient. After getting a notion of how much daily stress you're addressing, then look at your exercise regimen. Finally, there is the problem of unneeded stress on the body, which may lead to extra cortisol within the body.

In the future, you're able to increase your insulin sensitivity, states Dr. Nadolsky. For the normal trainee, provided that you're aware of the things that produce excessive cortisol and take action to make sure that it remains in the normal, healthful variety, then testing is most likely not essential.

Just like most hormones, everyday lifestyle factors like getting appropriate sleep and keeping a healthful weight through a balanced diet and normal exercise can go quite a way. It has adverse impacts on the area required for memory and learning. One of cortisol's functions is to keep up the blood glucose level during the day.

Cortisol levels might vary during the day based on your lifestyle. Normal cortisol levels have a tendency to obey a 24-hour circadian rhythm. Chronically elevated cortisol levels can have a selection of negative outcomes. On the reverse side, obese folks normally have elevated cortisol blood levels.

The cortisol level must be taken in context with the general well-being of the man or woman and other blood studies. The degree of cortisol in your bloodstream fluctuates greatly during the day.

Despite indications such as pain, fatigue and significant stress sensitivity, very low cortisol level might also have beneficial impacts on the organism. When you're attempting to acquire bigger, you would like the greatest possible heights of anabolic hormones and lower heights of catabolic hormones such as cortisol.

Your physician can order quite a few tests to decide if you have low or significant cortisol levels. Often doctors will see this on account of the person's slender arms and legs in comparison with the heavy weight in the crux of the body.

The physician and patient simply have to keep an eye out for these indications and decrease the dose should they appear. You may require medicine to earn your bones stronger. Like strenuous activity, medications may also have a big effect on test success.

You might need to get checked regularly after treatment to be sure the tumor does not return. The treatment is contingent on the cause. Treatment for the significant cortisol is dependent upon the specific reason behind excess cortisol and might consist of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or the usage of cortisol-inhibiting drugs.

Addison's disease results from damage to the adrenal cortex. If your symptoms are due to steroid medicine, you and your healthcare provider will need to see whether you can diminish the dosage or try different medicines. Typical symptoms are tiredness and urge to rest. All signs and signs need to be evaluated, not only the blood test result.

Adrenal fatigue happens when a person is not able to continue with their customary amount of activity. Stress by itself doesn't increase body fat. You may be wondering if any kind of stress can cause a rise in cortisol and the reply is yes.

Stress is among the more important risk factors affecting health today. It's affected by positive stress (like exercising or positive excitement) in addition to negative stress.

How to Get Rid Of Stomach Fat – Faster and Easier

burn belly fat foods

Did you know that belly fat is one for the most dangerous of all body fats?

Studies shows that fats stored in the abdomen have contributed to heart diseases as well as stroke and other complications. Many people, men and women alike, find it a common problem to have a lot of stomach fats.

Men and women deposit a lot of fats on their stomachs unknowingly and in most cases gradually. As men adds on weight, the fats deposits on their thighs as well as waist and on their belly.

The same thing happens for ladies as weight comes in. A lot of fats deposits on their thighs, waist line, stomachs and around their arms. The fats cumulative makes the body bigger and increases the weight.

When you want to reduce weight, there are specific areas you target. You look at people who are working on reducing weight, they target areas like their belly, thighs, and arms and so on. In this article, I want to focus on reducing the stomach fats. How can a person reduce or get rid of the stomach fats faster and with a lot of ease?

There are several steps which we need to look into in order to get rid of the stomach fats. When you follow these steps, it will be easy and much faster to reduce or get rid of stomach fats in a much unbelievable time frame.


Some of the causes of stomach fats are mainly caused by our habits.

Causes of Stomach fat

The first thing you need to know is that you need to understand the causes of stomach fat. When you know the causes of stomach fats, you will be safe that as you start to work of getting rid of stomach fats, you will also be cautious not to build more fats at the same time trying to reduce. You can burn excess fats in the stomach by eating these 7 foods in the right proportion.




You should work on reducing but at the same time avoid adding fats. If you add at the same rate you are reducing, then you will not see the effects of your effort.


Habits That Cause Belly Fat

We have some habits that cause belly fats to grow and grow quicker.

a).   Drinking carbonated drinks regularly

Many people don't know that when you partake of carbonated drinks regularly, you will be adding stomach fats and soon you will see your belly fats increasing.

carbonated drinks

Many of us love sodas and we take like 2 to three bottles daily. You may never know but that is one way we add stomach fats.

According to research, sodas causes your waistline to grow 5 times faster than those who drink just one soda a week or don't drink at all. Sodas contain a lot of sugar and adding sugar to your system will contribute to more fats in your body.

b).   Eating a larger plate of food

Many people love restaurants that serve a lot of food. You pay a dollar or two and you will get a large plate full of food. This will make your belly bigger over time.

Survey indicate that obese people normally prefer larger plates and so they serve a lot of foods and in the process eat a lot of quantities of food each time they eat. It’s advisable you use small plate so that you serve less food.

c).     Late night dinning

When you sleep, the system will not consume all the food you eat and so you end up causing belly fats with your habit of late night eating. That is why it’s advisable that you eat early in the evening so that by the time you go to sleep, the food has been consumed by the body system.

d).      Eating every time you are upset or angry

If you asked yourself, how many times in a day do we get upset? We normally get upset several times in a day and when you are upset or angry, you will end eating a lot of junk foods which are not healthy. You should not eat because you are stress or angry, it will just help you add more fats to your belly.

e).     Denying yourself some sleeping time

When you deny yourself some sleeping time, your level of stress hormones will naturally go up and this will increase the desire for sugary foods. The end result is that you will eat some sugary foods and that will add some calorie and fats will come in.

f).     Getting less protein in your Diet.

When you deny yourself the opportunity of eating food with protein, you will definitely take more of carbohydrates and that will increase your belly fats. Less protein will mean that a lot of sugar will not be burned and will be stored in form of calories.


Genetics play a key role in influencing where fats will go in our body. That explains where in a certain family, fats will deposit more on the waistline area while in another family, fats will deposit more on the arms and so on.

You need to study the tendency of where fats deposits in your family line to get an idea where fats will likely focus on your body. A family line where fats deposits on the belly will find it difficult with managing it because all the fats will go direct to the belly.

So there are also other reasons which can cause stomach fats to deposits and make your belly to be big. Some are not listed here but an individual needs to identify those which affect him or her as you begin to work on getting rid of them quicker.

Foods that causes stomach fat

Secondly, you need to know which foods cause your belly fats and how you can avoid them. This is a very tricky area and many people fail here.

A friend told me how she loves red meat and though she is being advised against red meat, it’s so difficult for her to walk away from red meat. This is the turning point in this debate. You need to know those foods which will make life difficult for you in terms of adding belly fats. Which foods are these?


Some of the foods which you need to avoid which cause stomach fats:

a).     Refined Grains

According Harvard Medical School research, foods such as refined grains have lost much of the nutritional value in them during the refining process, and products which are added to them like bleach or bromine also add some fats.

Refined products like rice, bread, etc. are some of the foods which go a long a way towards adding your weight.

b).     Whole milk or 2% milk

Milk has health positives, such as being the best source of calcium, results to dental health and also strengthens the bones.  However, milk has fat content in it which is so dangerous for your health.

People normally go for the 2% milk thinking that it has less fat. The truth is, the 2% milk still contains an equally large calorie and fat content, and so regular consumption may increase the belly fat.

c).    Soda

Regular intake of soda deposits huge amounts of empty calories in form of sugar, spiking your blood sugar hence promoting weight gain, especially around the abdomen.

Researches show that the artificial sweeteners used in the diet sodas have a way of impeding your body’s ability to detect fullness. This then leads to lack of satisfaction and increased chances of overeating.

d).    Breakfast muffins

Breakfast muffins, as sweet and tasty as they are, are very dangerous to your health. How is this? They contain around 500 calories, and worst of all, they also contain more than half your daily recommended sugar intake.

As small as they look, they are very alluring, and for that reason, you will be tempted to over-eat them. When you consume them on a regular basis, they pack more fats in your belly.

e).    Cheese

Cheese is a concentrated solidified form of milk. Inasmuch as it provides calcium and promotes bone health, this product contains high levels of saturated fat. Increased doses of the saturated fats cause the body to create added cholesterol which then clumps in the organs of the body and the vein.

f).     Any kind of food that has trans fats

Less than a gram of the trans fat is a surefire way to harm your health. Studies have confirmed that trans fats intake can lead to increase in belly fat, which then becomes very risky to the heart.

Trans fats also causes heightened cholesterol levels in the body. This is linked to the heart diseases and strokes which comes as a result. Examples of foods that have the trans fats are such as the microwaveable popcorn, fried foods and baked goods.

g).    Caesar salad

Caesar salads are in most cases the worst when it comes to slimming down as the toppings are always profuse. When you add certain things such as high-calorie dressing and boiled eggs, it then ceases to serve its functions. Too many of salad ingredients can lead to their accumulation in your belly.

caeser salad dressing

An average Caesar salad is always estimated to 300 calories, plus an approximate 30 grams of salad and all the additives, all of which get accumulated in your belly.

h).      Processed meat

If you are thinking of having and maintaining a lean and slender stomach, then you will have to make a decision to avoid such meats. Processed meat contains both the saturated fats and calories, as opposed to the lean meat.

According to a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, these meats are among the twelve most common sources of weight gain.

This is because many of the processed meat have high levels of nitrites and other additives, which are purposely to extend their shelf life or even modify their texture.


i).    Fast food

These foods, including French fries, cheese burgers, breaded chicken strips and pizza all count as fast foods. They may be very easy to get, not to mention the fact that they are quite cheap, but the truth is they are very hard on your waistline. These fast foods can lead to unwanted weight gain over time.

weight gain fast foods

The fast foods are always prepared using high levels of sugar or salt, and are also cooked in fatty oils, hence increasing the probability of you gaining belly fat.

j).     Potato chips

To say the truth, potato chips are a warm invitation to over-eating. Potato chips are cooked in hydrogenated oil, and are as well very high in calories. This makes it a source of trans fats. In addition to their high calorie level and oil content, potato chips also contain too much salt.

k).    Any food that contain refined sugar

According to Mayo Clinic research on Belly fat, 2011, refined sugars happen to be among the most common sources of the simple carbohydrates, which encourage the body to store added weight around the abdomen. Foods that have large portions of such sugars have less nutritional values yet high in ‘empty’ calories.

Some of the common foods containing such sugars are table sugar, candy bar, sweet cereals as well as some pasta sauces. This is how it results to belly fat.

Since these are foreign substances to your body, you do not get satisfied fast. You feel full after eating lots of the refined sugars, and this of course leads to weight gain.

l).    Alcohol

If you are an alcoholic, know that all the alcoholic beverages go straight to the belly. Alcohol contains more of the empty calories, which provide you with no nutritional advantage. Additionally, it fills your stomach with liquid, thus making you crave food.

Upon consumption, alcohol must always be burnt immediately. During the process, your body’s ability to burn fats and sugar slows down. Due to the failure to burn them fast, the metabolism stores them all in your belly.

m).    Store-bought smoothies

Smoothies, as we all know, are supposed to be alternatives to the soft drinks. The truth is, when you eat a smoothie, there is likelihood that you’ll develop belly fat. Some of the smoothies include ice cream which contains fat and sugar, thereby promoting a sagging belly.

These smoothies normally contain grams of added sugar. Also, the fruits they are made of are not fresh, thereby doing away with several nutritional benefits.

n).   Salt

Salt may not necessarily deposit fat around your waistline, but much consumption of the sodium may make you look like you have a fat belly. This is because it prompts your body to retain water, which tends to appear around your abdominal area, leaving you looking flabby and bloated.


Side effects of taking stomach fat burners

Many people with stomach fat problem try several solutions and products in a bid to remove the fats. One of the things which they try is fat burners.

These are products which are meant to be administered as drugs or food supplements with the aim of getting rid of the stomach fats. Have you ever tried out a few of these products or fat burners? Do they work? Some of the fat burners include Shred JYM, QuadraLean, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen, The Ripper and many others.

Many people are not free and willing to use these fat burners. A lot of stories have been said about them and that perhaps explain why many people are pessimistic about them. A part from being pessimistic, what are the real side effects of these products or tablets?

A lot of fat burning drugs or pills are coming on the market and people continue to use them. Many of these pills contain caffeine and ephedrine, ingredients which research has shown these ingredients harmful side effects.

Blood Pressure

Researchers at University of Vanderbilt found that famous fat burners such as ephedrine has side effects which include increasing heart rate and blood pressure. This is through increased metabolism triggered by these ingredients.


Increased heart rate caused by these fat burner pills also have a negative impact on sleeping pattern. In many cases, they reduce the sleep thus bring fatigue and weakens the body immune system.


Researchers at Vanderbilt University also found that fat burners has negative consequences on mental and emotional level. Ingredients such as ephedrine causes anxiety, aggressive behavior as well as nervousness and mood swings.


These fat burning ingredients which increases heat rate is very dangerous during dehydration and is particularly during the hot weather. Dehydration can bring headaches.


Getting rid of stubborn stomach fat

According to the research study done by Brigham, Women's Hospital and the National Heart alongside Lunga and Blood Institute Laboratory for Metabolic and Population Health published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, found that there is high risks associated with high amount of fats deposited in the abdomens.

The risk is more compared to the risk associated with fats deposited elsewhere in the human body. This study, where 3086 people participated, concluded that having more fats in the abdomen increases the risk of cancer and other cardiovascular events.

When you want to get rid of stomach fat, what should you do? This is a common question which should not be so difficult to solve but something which you need to approach soberly. When you realize that you have stomach fats and your belly is big, you need to start working on removing them. There are two simple ways of removing the stomach fats.


Avoid foods which add stomach fats

This is one such important thing which you need to work out on. Identify all the foods which will bring stomach fats. Concentrate on foods which you have been eating which could have pushed your stomach fats to the current level.

foods which cause stomach fat

How can you work on them? Some of the foods which brings stomach fats include; salt, store bought smoothies, alcohol, any food with refined sugar, potato chips, fast foods, processed meat, Caesar salad, any kind of food that has trans fats, cheese as well as soda, breakfast muffin and whole milk.

In this list, you will also refined grains like rice and white bread. All these foods and others which are not in this list are foods which cause stomach fats to increase and so usage of these foods will surely cause your belly to swell.


Carry out activities which burn stomach fats

There are several exercises which can help you burn stomach fats. These exercises when applied consistently will help you gradually burn all the fats in your stomach and will result in less or no stomach fats thus no big belly. What are these exercises?

Running or walking

You burn a lot of calories when you walk or run. Your body fats decreases in the process and this include the stomach fats. So when you walk a lot, you will burn the belly fats. You can combine walking and running, they will give you a combined effect on your campaign of reducing weight.

Elliptical Trainer

If you cannot manage to walk a lot or run, what you can do is to go for elliptical trainer that offer low impact cardio workout and does not provide a lot of strain to the joints.

The bicycle exercise

Many of us may not know but riding a bicycle help in reducing the belly fats because it’s one of the cardio exercises out there. It strengthen the abdominal muscles and in the process shed off fats. It’s advisable that you do these exercise before you start riding a bicycle.

  • You need to lie on your back with your hands behind you head.
  • Lift your knees up to your chest while lifting your head and shoulder off the ground
  • You can also bring your right elbow to your left knee and straighten the right leg.
  • Breathing should always be relaxed and usual

These exercises should be repeated like three times before you jump on your bicycle to ride.



You can just turn your bicycle into your means of transport. When you go somewhere, you bicycle yourself to the place. Its low impact cardio exercise yet it helps in shedding the fats.

Reverse Crunch

This is also another healthy and simple exercise which you can engage in. When do regular crunches as one of your best exercises, you will strengthen the stomach or abdominal muscles and in the process shed off some fats.

Lie flat on the floor with your arms on your sides then cross your feet and create a 90 degree angle with your knees by lifting your feet off the grounds. lift your head along with you should off the floor as you contract your abdominal muscles. Repeat it 3 sets of between 12 to 16 repeats.

Vertical leg crunch

This is very effective in strengthening the abdominal muscles and in away similar to regular crunch. It require that you put your legs straight up while you hold the back of your head with two hands.

The process is simple. You lie on the floor and you put your hands at the back of your head then you put your legs straight up with your knees tightly crossed.

Then you flex abdomen to lift both your head and should off the floor back and forth as you keep laying on your back. Your legs remains extended on the air all the time during this exercise.

Ball crunch exercise

This exercise require you to be more stable and this engages a lot of the body muscles. You lie on the back with your back and your feet firmly on the ground. Then you place your hands across your chest or behind your head and you contract the abdomen.

These are just some of the exercises which you can do you burn out stomach fats and remain healthy. There are so many which you can try out. You can even use rollers which I have not mentioned here but which is also effective.

Regardless of the exercises you settle for, you just need to be consistent at it for you to realize some gain and make some progress.


Best way to lose belly fat after baby

Many women struggle with her belly after giving birth and many end up failing to take their belly back to their position before deliver. As a young mum, you need to know that you can take your belly back to the position it was in by just doing some few exercises.

These exercises will make you fit and also burn unnecessary fats you accumulated in trying to eat for your baby. What are some of those exercises?


Bicycle crunches

You can ride your bicycle around gently without a lot of intensity and this will tighten your abdominal muscles.

Abdominal Exercises

You can also look into other abdominal exercises which will include swinging your legs sideways when holding the ground with your hands and faces the grounds. It’s like you position yourself as if you want to do press ups but instead, you swing your legs to the left and to the right.

The side Plank Dip

This is also another abdominal exercise which targets your waist. You lay on the ground with one side and then raise your head and should up while holding the ground with one hand and the other hand massaging your waistline as you stretch. Do it repeatedly as it help the waist muscles to recover?

Why not walk?

Walking also help your body muscles to strengthen and without much straining, you will be making your body fit again.

As you work on the exercises, it’s advisable you take it easy. Sometimes doing exercises before you heal fully may cause you more trouble than health. So consult your doctor before you start any exercise and tell your doctor some of the exercises which you want to do.


Exercise after pregnancy to reduce stomach fat

All these exercises mentioned above will help you reduce the stomach fat. You just need to be cautious and only start any exercise after consulting with your doctor. These exercises will be great after pregnancy.

post pregnancy exercises

This will help you manage any unnecessary injury which you can bring with some exercises. Remember that all these exercises like walking, doing some sit ups and those I have mentioned above bicycle crunches as well as abdominal exercises will all help you reduce the stomach fats.

As you reduce the stomach fats after pregnancy, there is always the appetite to eat more food. Do not engage in eating foods which are not healthy. Junk foods will help you only in adding more weight and abdominal fats.

So as you work on reducing the stomach fats, stay away from any food which can bring more stomach fats. Refined foods, a lot of soda, a lot of cheese or even potato chips are all good for adding stomach fats. You need to stay away from them.

As you work on reducing your abdominal fats or stomach fats, please give yourself some time frame which is realistic, healthy and manageable.

You cannot give yourself one week for example to reduce 50 pounds when your exercises cannot realistically yield such amount of success. Give yourself a period like two months or three so that it becomes a gradual process which is not going to put your health into jeopardy.

According to a case study on Briana, a mother of three, published on, the success to post pregnancy weight loss lies on;

  • Eating well structured meal every time.
  • Eating meal frequently, as suggested, every three hours
  • Avoiding complete refined, processed, starchy carbohydrates and also wheat.
  • Drinking a lot of water daily


Tips for reducing stomach fats after pregnancy

Some of the tips which you can follow when working on your stomach fats include;

Tip 1: Keep it simple

Don’t come up with a very complicated set of exercises. These complicated exercises may be harmful to your health. Just stick to simple and easy to do exercises which you can do for weeks and weeks to come and which you can enjoy doing. '

Things like sit ups, doing some rollers or just walking. These are things which are easy to manage and do not require a lot of complicated moves.

Tip 2: The Real Deal

If you say you are doing crunches, then do them. Do not say you are doing bicycle then you end up not doing or you just do one round or just one day and stops.

It should be for a period of time and something which you can do for a while. If it’s walking, then prepare to walk like 15 minutes daily for a period to come. Do not walk the first day and stop there. Keep to your program and you will see result.

Tip 3: Engage a fitness coach

There are situations where you may need a fitness coach so that the coach will help you do the exercises which can help you reduce the fats. You will be guided on the order of exercises which you can do based on the condition and the need.


How to get rid of stomach fat below belly button

There is not secret here and there is no much difference from the other activities to remove the stomach fats below belly button. When you apply the exercises mentioned in this article, you will be very sure of succeeding in this endeavor.

An easy way to get rid of stomach fat

Many people with weight issues look for all manner of information that can help them reduce their weights. Most of them look for something relatively simple and which someone can do comfortably along other daily life commitment.

When you have stomach fat, you too will be looking for something which is easy to do and which will not take you ages or hours per day doing. This is something which is necessary that we find some easy way, even if in relative terms, of getting stomach fat away.

Through this article, you will find that in deed there are easy ways of reducing stomach fats which you can adopt without having to pay a lot of dollars in some gym in town or in the neighborhood.

Many people are reluctant when it comes to paying and do many people do not join gyms because of paying. So you can work on your weight without going to the gym using some simple and easy to do activities.

I want to discuss these ways of reducing stomach fat in an easy way using some three steps. These three steps when followed will help you get rid of the stomach fats very easy.


Avoid some foods

This is the first step if you want to get rid of the stomach fats which you currently have. You need to identify those foods which bring stomach fats and stop using them.


These foods have been mentioned several times in the previous section of this article. Some of those foods include cheese, potato chips, refined grains like rice, white bread, etc and many other foods like soda as well as alcohol. This is a preventive measure to ensure you don’t add any more stomach fat.


You will only see progress when you stomach adding stomach fats. By just avoid adding stomach fats alone can help your body to adjust and reduce some stomach fats. You can introduce more fruits into your diet plan to detoxify your body and remove some waste deposits in your body.


Reduce food portion

The second thing you need to is to reduce the food portion. Many people have big belly because they eat a lot of food, which is not necessary for their body. Don’t eat too much food which the body does not need.

When you reduce on the size of food you eat, you will allow your stomach fats to naturally shrink and the muscles will eat the fats up or shed the fats. Your belly size will also reduce gradually and you will see your belly becoming smaller.

Just east the amount of food enough to feel you satisfied. Don’t take food which you will need to relax because you have overeaten. When you reduce the food portion, what happens is that as the body adjust, it will use the fat deposits in your body to supplement the needed energy in the body and in the process, you will reduce your stomach fats.


Light exercises

Exercises will aid the two above steps. When you add exercises to your activities, your body will burn the fats very faster. Exercises help the body keep fit but also burn the excess fats in the body and raise the metabolism processes in the body.

Identify some light exercises which you can do along with your daily routines. Exercises like walking, running, jumping using jumping rope, riding bicycle, reserve crunches, abdominal exercises and many other exercises will help you burn the stomach fats.

When you combine the exercises with the reduce food portion as well as avoiding the foods which add more stomach fats, the definite end result is serious weight loss which includes the stomach fats removal.

Many people know some of these things and many do not know. Many people fail to achieve result even though they have the right information. The main hindrance why people fail s lack of consistency. If you are not consistent with your exercises and you also fail to avoid the food you need to stop talking, you will not succeed.

To succeed in this campaign of removing the stomach fats, you need to follow the three steps or do the three things above and do them consistently for some period.

Normally two to three months is a good period to access the progress. You can access the progress weekly and monitor the movement. You also monitor the overall body response as you go on with the activities. It will surprise you that after all, it’s very possible and not difficult at all.



Reducing weight is not an easy thing. A lot of factors work against our desire to reduce weight. Work environment makes it difficult to keep up with being fit.

The kind of foods we find around us also does not do us good when it comes to weight loss and for this case reducing stomach fats. A lot of foods, some of which we love are those which actually bring more stomach fats. This makes thing more difficult.

However, given your health is of priority, it rank ahead of any other thing and therefore priority should be given your health. You need to consider your health ahead of any other thing.

In this article, we have seen foods which brings stomach fats and we have also seen what you can do to reduce or eliminate stomach fats. Even for mothers with young kids, you have seen some of the activities you can partake so that you keep fit and away from unhealthy fats.

These are not impossible things for anyone. It all require determination and self-will to do them. If you decide not to eat junk food, you can make it.

If you decide not to eat refined grains like bread or you decide not to take alcohol, it’s possible. Use this article to improve your weight situation and stay away from complicated medical conditions like heart disease and the rest.

Lose Weight In A Week – A Proven Guide!

burn fat a week quickly

If you want to lose weight in a week, this article is your best guide. Please don’t skip any line. You may bookmark and come back to it, or print it out.

Losing weight in a month is easier for most people. But talking about 7 days, it seems like a hard nut to crack. It’s a global challenge for most people.

Weight management continues to be a global challenge that every nation tries to find solutions to. Several countries show data of many overweight and obese cases among the adults and children alike.

In USA for example, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows data indicating 35.1% of adults aged 20 years and above who are obese and 69.1% of adults aged 20 years and above who are overweight (2011-2012).


Similarly, 20.5% of children aged between 12-19 years, 17.7% aged between 6-11 years (2011-2012) and 8.4% aged between 2-5 years are all obese (2011-2012). These statistics shows how weight is a very serious issue in our society today.

In UK, 59-64% of adults are either overweight or obese (2012). The same case applies to 53-60% of females as 64-68% of men are just overweight.


Many people research for information on weight loss. The key motivation is to find some piece of information which they can use to reduce their weight. A lot of people are stressed up basically due to their weight.

Weight loss is an issue that has become a challenge to many families in today’s society. The main reason for this is because it varies from the genetics, to the kind of foods we eat as well as the lifestyle we live.  

Being an unending problem, people will always attempt to solve it the best way they can. In a bid to salvage this, so many gyms have come up. As these offer weight loss exercises, others offer diets which help the users reduce weight.

The individual’s ability to follow instruction as well as the effectiveness of a certain method or exercise highly determines how the outcome shall be. Most importantly, let’s start with the basic question relating to this topic.


Having trouble losing weight?

If you’re struggling to lose weight in a week, you’re not alone. Many people, even without consulting any medical expert, believe they have a weight problem. When should you talk of having a weight problem?

According to CDC, a person is said to be overweight if his weight is more than the weight considered healthy weight for his height.

This means that for a person to be overweight, the height has to be considered in a calculation called Body Mass Index. Body Mass index is the ratio of weight over height.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also states that the normal body mass index should be 18.5 to 24.9. When a person’s body mass index is less than 18.5, he is then said to be underweight.

To be overweight, a person’s body mass index should range from 25 to 29.9. Anything above body mass index of 30 is considered obese.

A lot of stories have been written on methods of weight reduction. Many people are merely writing to gain some clients for whatever contribution they are bringing to this debate. Others however are professionals in their respective areas and have a genuine course in helping others reduce weight.

When you have weight problem and you are thinking of ways to reduce it, sit back and do review. Why would losing weight be that hectic?

Could it be that you have not spared time for weight loss activities? Or, could it be that the activities you have engaged in are not yielding fruits? You need to review these questions critically so that when you take the next step, there be noticeable outcome.

When you want to reduce weight, it’s necessary to have at the back of your mind the various ways of achieving this. Some of the methods include exercising, diet foods and a combination of diet foods and exercising.

A lot have been said about exercises that reduce weight. To some, these methods have worked while to others, they have failed. Others have also been said about diet foods.

In a bid to understand this, I have come up with some in-depth information about such diets. In this article, I want to look at the foods which can help you reduce weight.

The truth of the matter is that we face a lot of challenges when it comes to carrying out the exercise. While some engage in exercises which do not help to reduce weight at all, others lack consistency when it comes to working out.

Food is something we take in everyday and therefore presents the best opportunity for us to reduce weight. If we work on our diet, we can be sure to reduce our weight. So with the right food, we are going to manage the weight problem progressively.


Foods to Avoid If You Want To Reduce Weight

1).    All snacks with Carbs

Anytime you consume crackers, dry cereals, bread your body responds by converting the carbs into simple sugars then deposit them into your bloodstream. The body then releases extra insulin which supports sugar absorption as fast as possible.

Dr. Charlie Seltzer, M.D, a weight loss expert from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania says that the sugar absorption leads to low sugar level in the body, which makes you crave for sugary foods and more carbs.

Some sugary foods have no nutritional value to satisfy that instant energy you need. As you consume more carbs, you also consume more healthy fats as well as more protein which is difficult to digest.


2).   Frozen meals

Food manufacturers use a lot of sodium to preserve food. Sodium naturally retains water for a longer time.

So when you eat these foods, you eat sodium into your body which will cause you a lot of bloats and that will not work well with your efforts of weight loss.


3).   "Low fat" foods

Researchers support the idea of people eating low fat food. The problems however is, as a result of the removed flavor the manufacturers add sugar to the food. This added sugar is not good for weight loss campaign.

4).   Artificially sweetened Drinks

When you want to reduce weight, you need to avoid any sweetened drinks as they are carbonated. They then make your stomach feel full, thus makes you eat less.

5).  White rice

White rice does serious harm to the weight loss campaign. Unfortunately, this is something that many people do not take serious. As compared to the brown rice, it has few nutrients.

Another thing, it is processed very fast and also sends your blood sugar up. This results into energy crash which comes not so long after eating the white rice.

This will then prompt you to look for food in order to energize the body more. Brown rice is also more nutritious and has less craving as compared to white rice.

6).   Grapes

Grapes are sweet. Being fruits, many people think that taking them is a good idea. The truth is, grapes add more sugar into your system since they have high sugar content which then starts craving for more sweeter stuff. If you want to include grapes in your diet, ensure you also have some protein, with low calorie to stabilise your blood sugar.

7).   Certain breakfast cereals

Bread is generally low in fat but high in sugar. Bread has sugar, and its intake translates to a lot of sugar in the body. Natural cereals high in protein can therefore be a good substitute in place of bread.

8).   Salted nuts

Nuts are good because of the protein they add to the body. However, the salted nuts add more calories into your system. Unsalted nuts on the other hand are better because there will be no consumption of salt.

9).   Fruit Juice

Many people love taking fruit juice in cafes or restaurants with the belief that they are healthy.

Most of them however miss out on the fact that during their preparation, a lot of sugar is added to flavor them. You then end up consuming a lot of sugar into your system. Fruit juice taken without sugar is good and is highly encouraged.

10).   Most pasta

Many of us love pasta because of the energy it adds but what we forget is that it is simply carbs. Carbs, as had been noted add a lot of blood sugar and this is unhealthy. Avoid pasta in most of the occasions as this help you check on your blood sugar.

11).   Alcohol

Amazingly enough, alcohol lovers are always ready to shell out even to the last coin, even when taxes are increased.

Alcohol is harmful in nature. It adds more calories to the body, which then leads to addition of more weight. Those taking alcohol make poor decision when it comes to food.  They then end up eating fried foods every time they take alcohol.

12).  Canned fruits

This is one type of food which ought to be healthy, yet, in most cases, tends to be unhealthy. Researchers have found that canned fruits are loaded with sugar, hence are not good for people striving to reduce weight.

Too much consumption of canned fruits adds a lot of sugar to the body. Instead of the canned fruits, you can go for the fresh fruits.

13).   Dried fruit

Most of the dried are loaded with sugar. So, to avoid too much of sugar uptake, you must avoid dried fruits at all costs. If you eat a lot of dried fruits, you add a lot of sugar into your system which if not burned, will lead to added weight.

The list is endless. As you can see, most of the food items you eat on daily basis do more harm than good to your body.

Again, what comes out clearly is how you balance the foods you eat, since all of them add up to something in your body.

Dieting But Not Losing Weight

Have you met people trying to lose weight by dieting? Is this a good idea to diet? What you and I need to know is that dieting is a different form of weight loss.

What is dieting?

This is the practice of taking food within a regulated and supervised manner in order to reduce or maintain or even increase body weight. Many people combine dieting with physical exercise to lose weight.

From the APA journal, American Psychologist found out that dieting isn’t an effective weight loss method nor has any health benefits onto individuals, contrary to the normal beliefs. Other studies have however found that dieting has assisted many people to maintain weight loss.

So, as you can see, inasmuch as dieting has helped some people to lose weight, it is not a sure weight loss method since it is not consistent. You may lose some few pounds at the beginning, but you can be sure, it shall not be a sustained weight loss.

What could be the possible reasons why someone would diet but still does not lose weight?


This is a critical matter which needs clarification. Some studies state that dieting can lead to weight loss. The bone of contention however is, why would someone diet and end up not having a sustained and consistent weight loss?

A study carried out by The National Eating Disorders Association (USA), states that dieting can lead to weight gain. This, as you can see, agrees with statements from our previous paragraphs, which confirm that dieting does not deliver sustained weight loss.

Dieting has a weight amplifying effect. This is according to a study carried out in Finland in 2011, which was on more than 2000 set of twins aged between 16 to 25 years.

The research found that dieting twins who worked on one deliberate weight loss menu had a higher chance of becoming overweight.

The study established that the more people attempt to reduce weight by dieting, the higher the chances that they would add weight.


Other evidence that dieting can lead to increased weight are:

a).   A research that was conducted in 2003 on 17,000 kids aged between 9-14 years revealed that dieting was a key contributor to weight gain.

b).   According to a five year study titled Neumark-Sztainer et al 2006, a teenage dieting risks becoming overweight as compared to non-dieting teens.

c).   A team from UCLA researcher drew a conclusion after reviewing 31 long term studies that dieting leads to weight gain.

So, as you can see from the above research finding, dieting is not the best method to use when it comes to reducing weight, hence should not be used. You’d rather diet when you want to maintain weight, as we see the athletes and other sporting professionals do. They operate on a specific diet which helps them maintain their body weight. In such a case dieting stands to be very effective.

What to do if you want to burn fat

So what should you do when you want to reduce weight? This is the most difficult question asked by almost everyone, and funnily enough, no one has ever come up with an absolute answer.

Every time you want to do something, there must be some steps which you must carefully follow.

This also applies in a case where you want to shed off some pounds. You will have to come up with some workable steps which you will follow to burn the fats. Now, to see positive outcome, you must keenly follow the steps.

Steps to burning fats

I want to take you through 8 workable steps of burning fats which I believe will help you reduce your weight.

These steps are effective and have worked out for so many people. They are unique and work just best, leaving no side effects on your body. When taking up these steps, you need to clearly understanding your weight loss needs.

They include:

1).   Identify the problem area

It’s never advisable to just begin doing exercises immediately after finding out that you have in excess of weight.

You only need to understand the specific parts of your body that needs to be worked on. Most men have issue with their belly. When they add weight, their tummy also begins to swell like they are pregnant. This is a problem which weight loss program should address.  So you need to identify the specific part or parts of your body that ought to be addressed by the weight loss program.  

When you identify the specific part or parts that need to be worked on, you will come up with strategies that will help you. There is no need to apply things which will have no effect on you.

Women, on the other hand, tend to add weight more on their back and the waist area. Similarly to men, they also need to identify strategies of working out specifically on the mentioned areas.

2).   Develop the strategies for burning the fat

Once you have identified the problem, you need to come up with a number of strategies which you can use. Do research and find out from others who have also been in such situations.

Get to know the strategies they used to work on themselves. Some people go to the gym while others deny themselves food or engage in dieting, which apparently, isn’t an effective long term method.

Others also change their lifestyle, which also works for them. What strategies do you want to use?

Research has found that a better approach involves using a combined effort of physical exercise and also change of lifestyle. When you change your lifestyle, especially the kinds of food you eat, you will take less of sugar or less calories.

You’ll also be eating small portions of food during meal times. Change of diet also involves eating more of healthy foods and less of the unhealthy ones.

So a working strategy which I want to suggest in this article involves engaging in a coordinated physical exercise and eating healthy foods. Look for a physical trainer to help you with the type of physical exercises you can do so as to engage in more appropriate exercises.

There is no business in doing exercises which add more weight on your arms when you actually should be lessening weight.  Physical trainers are able to assess your situation and advise you accordingly.

You also need to see a nutritionist to advise you on the types of food to eat and those you should avoid. They will tell you when to eat and more importantly, the quantity to take.

Too much of something, as they say, is dangerous. When you eat too much of the right kind of food though, excess energy which is not even required will be added to your body. This will then result to a weight problem, hence the importance of the nutritionist to advise you on the quantity of food to take.

Once you have a program from the physical trainer and a nutritionist, you then go ahead to see your doctor for his advice as well.

You need also to be mindful of your health. Avoid things which can put your life at risk. Consult with your doctor for assessment.

Once the doctor assesses you, he will tell you whether or not your body can manage such change of lifestyle and physical activities.

The outcome of the assessment determines approval or amendment of any of the plans your physical trainer and the nutritionist gave you. Once the strategy is confirmed by the doctor, you then move to the next step.

3).   Develop a work plan with schedule of days and dates

With the strategies ready, you come up with your work plan. This entails how you will carry out or implement the strategies to burn fats from your body.

This plan should be as realistic, workable and objective as possible. If the plan is not realistic, it will not be of any effect.  You will then have failed in your work plan.

A work plan should work with your availability. It should recognize and appreciate your commitment and only utilizes your free time. If you are the kind of a person that travels every other time, then your plan should be flexible enough to fit into your program.

If you are the kind that gets into the office by eight in the morning and leaves after five in the evening, then your work plan should utilize the time before eight in the morning and in the evening after five.

It should also take care of the interest of other parties you are associated with. If you want a physical trainer, then you should work on a plan that will work for both of you.  If the timing isn’t convenient with the trainer, you will have failed.

Also, check if the strategies require daily commitment or just a few days in a week. The work plan should be for physical exercises, foods, as well as the aspect of change in lifestyle.

Mark out the foods you will eat from Monday to Monday. Identify the types of foods that should not feature totally in your menu or if they feature, then just once a week.  


Diets that supplement this plan

There are some diets which help in achieving a work out plan for reducing weight. As mentioned above, weight loss cannot be achieved entirely by dieting. Dieting supplements work out plan and ensure you achieve a certain outcome.

When you are working on reducing weight, there are some diets which may be recommended for you by nutritionists for you to follow on a weekly basis.

Such one week diet plan may look like this:

Weight Loss: Best 7 Days Weight Loss Plan You Should Follow

This is an example of a very nice weight loss plan which you can use to get started. It’s a 7-day plan which will transform your world even without your realization. To begin with, work for diet plan for each day as follows:


Get rid of toxins from your body by detoxifying your body and allowing the healing process to take place. To start the day off, take a glass of warm water mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Ensure you take this before breakfast. For breakfast, just take 2 apples with a pomegranate and add some two glasses of water.

Lunch time, add two apples, 2 oranges, a watermelon and another pomegranate with couples of glasses of water(about 13 cups)

In the evening, you can repeat your lunch menu. Note that you can take as many fruits as possible. Also consider walking for at least 30 minutes daily.


Repeat the morning breakfast for morning. Start with a glass of warm water plus 2 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice with 2 apples and an orange. Then for lunch, prepare a vegetable salad recipe constituting of 10 salad leaves.

These leaves may include 1 cabbage chopped, 5 spring onions chopped, 3 tomatoes sliced into rings, 3 tablespoons lemon juice and salt. You can also add ½ cup corn. You can take small portions every 3-4 hours to prevent binge eating or overeating.


Wednesday should be a fruity and vegetable day. The vegetables should just be raw or boiled, with no oil or butter, cheese or similar products.

As usual, start the day with a glass of warm water with 2 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice.

Drink at least 12 glasses of water. Ingredients for the day include 3 oranges, peeled and cut into small pieces, 2 red apples, 1 cup green grapes, 1/44 cup currants, 1 tablespoon sugar (optional) and 1 mango peeled or cubed.


For Thursday, you can eat 10 bananas with 3 glasses of milk and a bowl of diet soup for the entire day. Add at least 12 glasses of water to that menu.


Friday, Saturday and Sunday

As had been stated above, just ensure you start the day with a glass of warm water with 2 tablespoons of honey mix with 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and various raw fruits, such as apples, oranges, watermelon and a bowl of brown rice. By Friday, 2-3 kilos will have been shed off. Avoid oil, cheese or butter. You will certainly reduce weight in an unbelievable speed without starving.


1).   Launch the plan

To be honest with you, it’s not easy to shed fats in 7 days, but it can be done if you’ve an efficient plan. Once you have set the strategies and you have the approval of the physical trainer as well as the doctor and you have set out the work plan, you only need to set the ball rolling.

For control and monitoring purposes, you can start the work plan at the beginning of the week or of the month.

Start the plan on a day you will be able to remember. Note it down somewhere in your diary. Indicate the date you started the workout plan so that you can monitor and see the progress. If you are not so sure whether you’ll remember, then start on a date or day you will never forget.


2).  Monitor

In every activity, both success and failure are inevitable. When you want to burn the excess fat, start a workout plan and be sure to monitor the success. You can monitor by measuring your weight and comparing with past measure.

This is so far the simplest way to see how you are performing. When you monitor, you can realize that whether you have cut any inch or whether there is no positive outcome. It’s important to monitor and see if the workout is working or not.

When you realize that you actually are reducing weight, you can give yourself a pat on the back, given the fact that things are moving towards the right direction.

It’s also necessary that in the process of weight reduction, you see your doctor to assess other aspects of your body to know how the body is reacting to the sudden change of lifestyle.

Time is necessary when it comes to monitoring progress. Don’t pull out of the gym after a period of one week of exercise just because you didn’t see any positive outcome.

A period of one to three months is good enough for you to evaluate the entire outcome of the program.

After one month of keenly following the workout plan, record the weight. Do this after the end of the second and the third month and see the difference thereof. When you compare the results of the first, second and the third month, you are able to note the outcome.

When the performance is positive, you can continue with the work out plan until you meet the targeted result. If the work out plan is not yielding the desired result, you are allowed to re-strategize.

In a case where there are no positive results, many people get discouraged and fall off. To successfully carry out such a program, have a motivation and be self driven.


Want to lose weight in a week? Re-Strategize For Better Performance

When things are not working, don’t give up. Sit back and look at some of the things which may have led to the failure.

When your workout plan is not producing positive results, see how you can alter the program for better results. Check the areas where you expected to see results but were never there. Note some of the changes you noticed however small they might have been.

Once you have done this, see your physical trainer, nutritionist as well as your doctor for advice on what ought to be improved, done differently as well as what ought to be dropped.

Once you have consulted, put together the revised strategies and revise your work plan accordingly to fit well with the new strategies.

Embark now on the workout plan again with the revised strategies. Ensure that the revised strategies are also time bound.

You can give yourself a period like three months to start commenting on a method that has worked and the one that has failed. Before you start giving comments whether it has worked or not, monitor first.


Here you will again record the performance of the revised strategies for a period of time to see the difference thereof.

Record the progress in the first month, second month and note the variance between the first month and the third month. Compare the report with the initial report you took before re-strategizing.

If the performances of the revised strategies are far much better than those of the initial set of strategies, then you can carry on with them. However, if there is no noticeable change, you can consult further.


If you get the desired results, then you can do the final step, which is to maintain. As you maintain, the body will keep on shaping up to the desired weight. If you reach the desired weight, then you work on maintaining it.

This may require that you visit the doctor as well as the physical trainer and the nutritionist. These people will tell you how you can maintain body weight.

You however need to be very careful as not to relax, since it will lead to a sudden gain of weight.

The physical trainer will teach you some light exercises which you can do to help you maintain your body weight.

The nutritionist will tell you the foods to keep avoiding at all costs, those you can eat sparingly as well as those you can use frequently. All these will sum up to a menu from the nutritionist for you to follow.

The doctor will check the body system and advice on how the advices by the trainer and the nutritionist will impact your health, and if possible, make any necessary amendment.


How your mind should respond to your desire to burn fat

Our mind is normally a big factor in succeeding or failing in any activity. When we are convinced about something, we’ll either work hard at it or relax simply because of what we have thought of, or any negative opinion we have heard.

When you decide to burn fat in a week, you must develop a certain attitude in your mind. This attitude will go a long way towards supporting you in all the steps. To develop such an attitude, you must know a few things from the onset.

It’s not an overnight thing

Most people will lose weight in a week, but definitely not overnight. Burning fats or weight loss is not an overnight thing like going to bed and waking up the following morning. It involves deploying strategies and working on them to see if they work.

If they don’t work after some period, you change the strategies. The strategies will be tested until you find one which works for you. It also involves a lot of consultation. The consultation should be between you and your doctor, your nutritionist as well as with the physical trainer.

Changes will come along the way

When you want to burn fat, you must develop the attitude that gives room for flexibility. You must be flexible when it comes to changing the strategies, training time, exercises and so on.

You must be determined and aim at reducing or burning the calories regardless of whether the training and the strategies change. When you have such an attitude, you will always be positive with or without the changes.

It’s difficult

You need to prepare your mind that burning fat or calories is not an easy thing, hence calls for emotional preparedness. Know that the physical exercises you will be required to perform are difficult.

A right and positive attitude will help you follow up and adapt to the changed eating menu and also be able to maintain the work out plan however difficult it will seem. With this, you will find it very easy to manage yourself during the entire period of time.  

It takes time

Reducing weight is something that really takes time and is very discouraging. There are times you can do exercise for three months and just lose 10 pounds while others manage to lose up to 50 pounds.

Others on the other hand, end up adding more weight. Sometimes you could be shedding off some weight but at a very slow pace. For example, you could be shedding a half a kilogram every month.

This can be very disheartening, hence the need to be focused and never to lose hope. Give yourself adequate and ample time for you to orient yourself to the lifestyle of eating healthy food, not engaging in certain activities and also doing regularly and coordinated exercises.

You therefore need to have all these things in mind to help you develop a good and a positive mentality that will help you go through several months of working out without dropping out.

Many people drop after the first month, as others drop out after the first two weeks. Have adequate time to adjust and respond adequately to the change of lifestyle as you accept and embrace the change in dietary provisions. All these will help you achieve your workout plan and help you honor your schedule of activities.