Ultimate Insanity Workout Review

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Insanity Workouts is the best workout dvd right now.

It has not only had an enormous impact, but also left the world buzzing about how effective it can be in the fitness world.

You’ll get to see insanity before and after photos right below – so make sure you spend 5 minutes to read this article.

It has been asserted that Insanity workouts leaves on with best results whether you are seeking to add muscle mass, weight loss or even just overall fitness.

You are therefore at the right place if you are seeking for information, details or anything about Insanity Workout. This review is not biased in any case as it is presented just as it is.

Shaun T workout DVDs are one of the best in the industry so far. So rest your mind and make up your mind today to see what insanity CAN do for you.

By considering money, time and efforts required to transform your body successfully with the Insanity Workout program, it is always good to know the pros, cons, challenges of these sets of exercises, and diets plans as well.


Goals of Insanity Workout review

Insanity Workout aims in getting an individual in both the performing and looking ways of life.

This means, one is entitled to physical fitness as well as the looks that he or she has been desiring to have in life to an extend that one can come close to matching professional athletes.

All this can be done in just a span of 60 days without leaving your own home. Most people are always comfortable at home.

To achieve the goals above, one must do his best, be committed, determined and motivated. You are dictated to follow all daily exercises day in day out and forget about pressing the pause button during exercises as some people are fond of.

It is not entirely an easy process. Sometimes you run short of breath and gasp for air. Pain is inevitable however worth the good looks and body performance afterwards.


What usually happens?

Fat percentage is greatly reduced during the process.

You will observe muscle reshaping before growing bigger because fats are burned down from the body. Sweating is a guarantee and one may sweat like he or she never did before.

Usually more energy is spent during fat burning but as promised Insanity Workouts will lower the amount of fats as much as 7%. Fitness tests have shown that too even after the first day of the exercise.


Increase in muscle reshaping and mass

insanity muscle results

There will be rapid building of muscles and they become huge as a process when you eat diets having 40% protein, 20% fats and 40% carbohydrates.

Your muscles will then be redefined through increased insanity work outs, become sculpted in a way that you will have a ripped athletic look.

This is noticeable at a group of muscles that grow tighter and bigger like chest, and quadriceps of the thighs and makes your physique stronger eventually.


Why Insanity Works

does insanity work

Insanity Workout simply works!

And you will observe it through a decrease in body fat percentages, muscle gain and definition of the muscles as well.

However, there are other couple of reasons that makes it more convenient and preferable.

You’ll be sent the insanity 13 dvd set, which can help you take your fitness project to the next level. Very hot videos indeed!

Compared to going to the gym or going for sporting, it takes a relatively shorter time.

This is an added advantage if you don’t like going to the gym or sport. You easily work out at home.

It combines the results of fitness, endurance and looks. The combination can motivate you to push yourself even more.

It is a source of self-competition because each and every new day you want to be better than what you were yesterday and prove that you can do it.

There is a relationship that grows between you and the whole team. You will love them. It is the chemistry that comes natural during the process.

You will simply like the break through. Right before the exercise, it usually feels longer but the breaks which are normally 30 seconds or so seem even very short. In simple terms, it lets you feel the real intensity during the workouts.


Insanity before and after photos

In order to get you started on Insanity workout, here is the before and after photos sent from real customers who took action. Today, they’re making impact in their lives and the results are too obvious to ignore.

insanity before and after

insanity before and after


Who can do the Insanity Workout?

Not everyone can do Insanity work outs. There are health issues and lifestyles that can bar you from these exercises. All Shaun T workout dvds are aimed at instructing you to get results.

First and foremost you must have a healthy heart. It is advisable to do cardio tests to be sure before you go to make a purchase. You are not recommended for these exercises even if you are healthy but your body requires more attention.

Ensure that you are able to do basic exercises. Basic exercises include making at least 10 crunches and push-ups and run a mile at least as well. If you can’t, give yourself time, get in shapes and then try Insanity exercises.

You are not suited to do this exercise, if you experience pain in the joints. The pains could be because of other body complications and may worsen when doing exercises.

Some lifestyles are not suitable for this exercise and can make it even harder. For example, a person who likes going to party after party or stays watching all night may quit the program for some days, which is not advisable. If you have a lot of responsibilities with the kids it becomes hard.

If you are not devoted, and seeks for excuses all times, then this exercise is not meant for you. You can save your time, your money as well as yourself.


For how long should you wait to see the results from Insanity Workout?

Everyone wants to know this. It is hard to tell as we human beings are different in various ways. But normally, results of this exercise will start being noticed after the first week.

Afterwards, after the end of the first month, there will be tendency to think that there is no anymore improvement but appropriate results come at the end after finishing the work out. Since it involves simple science of resting muscles and eventually growing, no insanity work out reviews points that results will be seen after 60 days.

Tightening of muscles all over the body is also experienced at the end of the first week. This is due to the fact that the exercises are compound in nature. The abdomen will also flatten, as shoulders and biceps become shaped. Thighs get leaner too.


Nature of Insanity Workout Exercises

insanity works

Own body weight is used during these exercises. This means you supply resistance and weight by your own body as no additional equipment are used or required.

Exercises are usually cardio-centered at the beginning, and then shift to more intense strength oriented. Very few exercises are done while lying on the ground and that is to say, you will be on your feet most of the time, thus safe. A lot of jumping is involved and this creates pressure on your joints at the start.

There is also yoga pauses and stretching that will make your body more flexible than initially anticipated. Yoga poses can increase self confidence as they improve your poses.

Since these exercises are compound in nature, they focus at places on your body with large muscle groups. High adrenaline levels are therefore expected as well as fast fat loss not forgetting the testosterone levels which also rises as you exercise.

Endorphin is also produced due to the compound nature of the exercises to reduce pains during work outs and feel relieved after the exercises.

However, one can be drained off energy most of the times, if he or she doesn’t follow a diet plan and healthy lifestyles. Therefore proper diets and healthier life styles are highly recommended.


Insanity Workout Schedule

Take fitness tests at the beginning of the week to see your initial level. This makes you beware of how much you are ready for the workout.

Take your next test after two weeks and thereafter usually on Mondays to track the way you are progressing with the exercise. Sundays are usually not included in Workout days and so it becomes a resting day.

Shawn T always takes easy on you on Thursdays and this is the cardio recovery day. Instead of the cardio related work outs, you do more balance exercises and stretches.

First months are always easier though because workouts don’t take long like initially. They are averaged for 35-40 minutes. But tougher schedules are created to face challenges that come during the second month.

You are advised to eat more than usual because second months offer too much to do. Stretching exercises intensify takes as long as an hour or so. There are two sets of workouts done in a single day and so it becomes a little bit hard. You will always remember these days because they demand too much of physical activity.


Science behind Diet Plan from Insanity Workout

insanity dietplan

Shaun T best workout DVD comes with Diet plans in it.

It is advised to follow diet plans. Take care of the protein-fats-carbohydrates ratios in the meals.

The ratios are important because they are made in such a way that they consume a number of calories during the day.

40% proteins repairs and fuels body muscles and that happen over the 60 days.

4o% carbohydrates provide energy for the body as effort it is needed during the exercises throughout the day.

20% fat is for extra energy and keeps the body and its processes functional.

The 20% should be healthy fats in that even if one decides to change their diet plan by making their own, they should check to see recommended foods that provide healthy fat mentioned in the original plan.

Junk foods are not allowed during this period. They will only track you back by hindering progress of fat loss and muscle building.



Comparisons between Insanity Workout and P90X


Let’s do a quick comparison here. Then I’ll show you where to buy insanity.

P90X is the competitor of Insanity Workout because it has similar goals and also a product from the same company.

However, they are two different and incomparable.

Unlike Insanity Workout, P90X is bulk oriented as it involves lifting weights for muscle building.

Therefore, with Insanity one is entitled to more flexibility, proper muscle definitions as well as good physical fitness.

However, the vital part is burning more fats, and that’s what Insanity Workout does.

In terms of difficulty, Insanity is harder compared to P90X. In fact studies show that you can finish P90X and still find it so hard to deal with Insanity.

Insanity Workout is designed in a way that it lets you decide how much one can take. For instance you can do different exercises in just one minute. However much you can do, it depends on you.


Tips for undergoing Insanity /work out with ease

  1. Begin with average physical preparations with less intensity.
  2. Minor preparations like raising your cardio levels as early as three minutes before you begin.
  3. Put on sneakers to feel more comfortable and protect your ankle joints.
  4. Because of guaranteed sweating during the exercises find something like a towel to cover the floor.
  5. Choose a ventilated area to allow fresh air and moderate temperatures for your work outs to avoid suffocation.
  6. Have bottles of water around as you will need hydration during the exercises.
  7. Don’t eat immediately before Insanity Workout. You may throw up.
  8. Always watch your heart rate, in case of any discomfort, you are advised to stop.
  9. Rest your body for at least half an hour after the exercise before doing anything else on your daily schedule. It will allow your body to cool down.
  10. Follow diet plans and have enough sleep.
  11. However there are additional tips which are not a must follow, like;
  12. Find someone else who works out to motivate another.
  13. Always have a reminder that you are working out.
  14. Putting on Insanity Workout T-shirts may be a motivation

Where to Buy Insanity Workout?

If you’re looking for where to buy Insanity, Beachbody official web page is the first place you can think of. Once you place your order, you will get a new copy delivered at your door.

Free gifts like Fitness Guide, Workout Calendar, and Free Online Support tool also accompany your product. And there are options to purchase it by hire purchase price with three monthly installments. After your program you will earn yourself a free Workout T-shirt.

Amazon is another popular market place to find Insanity Workout programs although more expensive than Beachbody. The package is delivered at your door and a T-shirt is earned after completing the whole program.

You can also seek various online forums and places for people bought it, never completed and are selling it. You may get a good deal there. However you should beware of scams.


Time to Decide

After doing Insanity Workouts you are guaranteed to do any whatsoever physical activity with ease. Loss of tremendous amounts of fats in the body is also a guarantee. Now you know where to buy insanity, and the right way to use it. Don’t you?

Having seen the insanity before and after photos, you can boldly see it works and is perfect for you. Never be carried away by negative comments from other people. It could not be working for them because of various reasons but it is worth a try.

It always feel good when you look yourself in the mirror daily and smile on the changes that occur on your body while seeing the levels of fitness dramatically improving.

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