Top 50 Fitness Magazines

Top 50 Fitness Magazines In The Fitness Marketplace


mens-health-magazine3 Keeping fit is a serious business, isn’t it?

If you love to read fitness magazines, or you desire to know the top 50 best magazines that discusses fitness, weight loss and staying fit as a lifestyle, here is the complete list.

The listed magazines are in no particular order. This is a guide. It’s not an award for the best per say, but just a way to help you keep track on which one to read or recommend.

Without further ado, here are the magazines lists:


1.    Men’s Health Magazine   

The first one which I’m sure you’re familiar with is the Men’s Health Magazine.

This top rated magazine is colorful and directed primarily to men and on the inside, you’ll find topics such as men’s guide to fitness, nutrition, weight loss, body building, workout, sex and women issues. Yes, some of the issues feature women’s health & fitness as well as sex. Visit site here.


2.    Women’s Health Magazine

Most women prefer to subscribe for the Women’s Health Magazine.

This colorful magazine is widely read and you’ve various translations for French, Spanish etc. Find latest information and news on women’s fitness, nutrition, sex, family and workouts. The acronym is WH, which stands for women’s health.

Visit women’s health site here.


3.    Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Do you want easy tips that can help you achieve super-sexy body and muscle? Then you need to check out the Muscle and Fitness Magazine. It may just be your saving grace.

You’ll find Rock Hard Training Plans, Routines, Recipes for your favorite weight loss diets and meals, Training and easy tips to stay healthy and happy.

Find the official site here.


4.    Men’s Journal Magazine

The Men’s Journal is another interesting magazine that wraps the entire lifestyle topics such as men’s fitness, nutrition, food, drinks and fashion and if you are like me, you may like to explore some of the best gear and travel destinations for your next holiday.

Men’s Journal is one of the best travel magazines – showcasing colorful pictures and landscape of amazing and cool environments to spend time with your lovely family, even as you partake in your workouts, fitness training and dieting.


5.    Shape Magazine

What a lot of people may not realize is that the “Shape” magazine website has a community where you can socialize and make friends with other fitness enthusiasts.

When looking for that toned body that makes men want to take you to bed like tonight, the Shape Magazine could be the right one for you. Features some of the pretty super models and their sumptuous succulent smooth bodies – you can’t resist her I bet you.

Find helpful topics such as diet, beauty and make up, fitness, Healthy Eating, Best workouts, Weight loss news and Sweepstakes which gives you the opportunity to win $100 for Spa Week.


6.    Weight Watchers Magazine

You can find the Weight Watchers Magazine in the US and Uk as well as other continents of the world. The magazine is a perfect guide for smart people who wants to lose weight, keep fit and get a sexy toned body.

You can also access and tap into the fitness insights of certified fitness trainers with over 45 years experience. At the end of the day, you can feel happy with your style. Get deep knowledge on weight loss plan, workouts, fitness, nutrition, diet plan etc.


7.    Yoga Journal Magazine

Yoga Journal according to Wikipedia is an American media Company that publishes the Yoga Journal Magazine to help you understand the best forms of yoga poses, health and lifestyle, yoga and fitness, yoga wisdom, yoga and weight loss video, yoga conferences, yoga lifestyle and you also gain access to the community where you can make acquaintance with other yoga lovers.

You can subscribe to the magazine from their official website and get ready to explore and learn new stuffs about Yoga.

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